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Acrylic facemounting stands out as a remarkable method for showcasing photographic prints with sophistication and impact.

Through this technique, your print is securely mounted behind acrylic, while the back is encased, ensuring thorough protection from front to back. You have the option to retain a clear border around the image or opt for a seamless edge-to-edge mount on the acrylic. Each piece is meticulously crafted with hand-polished edges, adding a final touch of refinement to your display.

The watermarks will be removed on your delivered prints.  

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Fine Art Print Lake St Clair, Tasmania
L/St Clair150cm

Fire in the Sky 200cm Acrylic Mount $2,500

Fire in the Sky 150cm Acrylic Mount $2,000

Knyvet Falls 200 cm Acy Mount
Knyvet Falls 200 cm Acy Mount

Pencil Falls  200cm Acrylic Mount $2,500

Pencil Falls  150cm Acrylic Mount $2,000

Dove Lake 150cm Acrylic Mount $2,500

Dove Lake 120cm Acrylic Mount $2,000

Eastern Maar Escarpment  150cm Acrylic Mount $1500

Eastern Maar Escarpment  120cm Acrylic Mount $1200

Edge of the World 200cm Acrylic Mount $2,000
Edge of the World  150cm Acrylic Mount $1,500
 Water Garden  150cm Acrylic Mount $3,500
Water Garden  120cm Acrylic Mount $3,200
The Opera House  150cm Acrylic Mount $1,500
The Opera House  120cm Acrylic Mount $1,200
Wilderness Light  150cm Acrylic Mount $1,500
Wilderness Light  120cm Acrylic Mount $1,200
Enchanted Forest  150cm Acrylic Mount $2,800
Enchanted Forest  120cm Acrylic Mount $2,500
Blue Dawn  150cm Acrylic Mount $3,500
Blue Dawn  120cm Acrylic Mount $3,200
Blazing Sky 200cm Acrylic Mount $2,500
Blazing Sky 150cm Acrylic Mount $2,000
Golden Hour 200cm Acrylic Mount $2,000
Golden Hour 150cm Acrylic Mount $1,500
Autumn magic 200cm Acrylic Mount $2,800
Autumn magic  150cm Acrylic Mount $2,300
Sunset on the lake
Amber Light 200cm Acrylic Mount $3,200
Sunset on the lake
Amber Light  150cm Acrylic Mount $2,500
Mountain Falls 200cm Acrylic Mount $3,000
Mountain Falls  150cm Acrylic Mount $2,000

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